Firefox Per-Window and Per-Tab Private Browsing Mode

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Mozilla is said to release per-window and per-tab Private Browsing mode for Firefox web browser soon while Google Chrome and IE already have the per-window browsing mode feature.

Per-Window Private Browsing Window

Firefox is one of the most used browsers to access the Internet, which has the highest flexibility than any other browser with its 150,000+ add-ons.  But it lacks the main feature which adds privacy which is of highest for a typical user. Firefox does not have a Per-Window private browsing mode which allows the user to continue his session on one window and use the Private mode to browse the Internet on another Window.

Once if we start the Private Browsing mode (By pressing Ctrl+Shift+P) in Firefox, we can observe that the open tabs and windows will be completely closed and only one Blank Private Browsing window will be opened.


The implementation of this feature was reported as a bug, but it hasn’t been fixed. Soon, Firefox is going to implement the Per-Window Private Browsing feature and also Per-Tab Private Browsing mode which will be disabled by default because, Mozilla believes that it is too difficult (for users) to keep an overview of private browsing tabs and regular tabs.

Josh Matthews, who is a developer, @ Mozilla, is working on this new feature and soon will be ready with this new feature, but there is no fixed date for the release of this new feature. Here is the progress report of this new Per-Window Private browsing feature for Firefox.

So, Which type of Private Browsing mode you like to use? Will this be helpful? Comment us your views…

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3 thoughts on “Firefox Per-Window and Per-Tab Private Browsing Mode

  1. Oh its awesome, for private browsing i am using add ons and plugins and sometimes it just shows error.
    But now Happy to see private browsing mode

  2. I like Mozilla Firefox, it is my default browser for last 4 year.Firefox 15 add lot of new features like Inbuilt pdf viewer. Now i am waiting to get inbuilt flash support like Google chrome .

  3. The blog about the firefox is looking good. I like to use firefox for the addons and it is basically some faster than others. Thanks for sharing.

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