Find Suspicious Links in Your Email Inbox And Internet

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We live in Internet ERA where everything is possible with the internet  like shopping, dating, Banking, etc. The opportunities are endless and if there are advantages then, there are disadvantages as well. In recent times there are so many Phishing attacks,spamming in our Inbox like “Your Paypal Account is limited” but for a tech freak  can easily find out its a Phishing attack or normal links but whereas for normal computer users fall in the trap and submit their sensitive details like their Paypal information and Credit card details.

Phishing attacks in gmail

Phishing attacks in gmail

So today I came up with very easy solution to tracking the link is a normal or Phishing link and every computer user can understand this simple process.  Recently Google has acquired Virus Total, VirusTotal is a free online service which analyzes the Trojans, malware, and other malicious content detected by the antivirus Engines and web scanners and the database of the VirusTotal updated periodically

Let’s Get started with the process Of Finding Suspicious link in your Email Inbox like Gmail, Hotmail, etc.  and the internet as well.

  • To start the process, we need to install the Chrome Extension of the VirusTotal.

Download Chrome Extension Of VirusTotal (Right now the extension only available for Chrome Browsers )

  • Head over to the links you want to scan like Email Inbox or Links present on the internet.
  • Right click the Then you will see an option called “Check With VirusTotal.”
Scan Links In email via VirusTotal

VirusTotal Scan to Email and Internet

    • So it’s the same way of scanning the links on the Internet.

    The Extension only available in the chrome  but you can check in other browsers too in a manual way

    In the URL place, you can place any URL you want to scan it, and Paste in the URL tab in the browser and press ENTER.

    Hope this tutorial helps you to be secured from such kind of threats, If you really like the post, share it with your friends.


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2 thoughts on “Find Suspicious Links in Your Email Inbox And Internet

  1. This tool is great, thanks for the share…

  2. But, Good tool for security purpose
    But hackers can easily make the victims to log in the phishing pages using theiry Social engineering skills we need be very careful while entering our Login details
    Keen observation of th URL while login may help
    Thnks for the info

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