Find Whether Your Email ID Is Hacked or Not ?

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Have you ever wondered if your email id has been hacked? Have you noticed weird activities in your mail and started to think if it was really done by you? If yes, then it’s time to do something about it instead of simply guessing.

There can be various reasons for your account to be hacked, need not necessarily be hacked by hackers only. It can be due to your carelessness as well. The option of “keep me logged in” might be turned on and you may simply close the window after checking your email. This can be a big threat. It’s like a situation where you would not have cross checked if your car doors are locked properly and your laptop would be left inside.

So, what are the basic measures you can take to ensure your email is safe? Most of them know the importance of having strong passwords. You can even use online services to create better passwords which are difficult to crack. Apart from that, it is always best to be alert about the safety of your email.

To confirm if your account is really hacked, log on and enter your email address. In one click, you can know whether your account is safe or not. This service is very handy as it collects mail data and passwords that have been compromised or hacked from across the globe. Also, it has 13 million records in their database as of August 2012.

If you feel that your account has been compromised at any given time, follow the 10-step guide to secure your details in the future. Be safe and secure – Always!

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5 thoughts on “Find Whether Your Email ID Is Hacked or Not ?

  1. Great way of finding that whether an email id is hacked or not. Thanks Suresh for sharing this great hacking tips with us

  2. very informative post ! let me try the website u mentioned 🙂 thanks for the info

  3. Gmail is very safe now with two step verification method. However this tool is good in case the user have email on other sites. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Long days before I had a pop-up from g-mail itself that my email id was tried to hacked by some one. They suggested to change the password for the safety. While searching for more safety for my account, I came across your post and happy to get some better technique. Thanks a lot Suresh.

  5. Suresh Kumar Iyer says:

    Hi…..had been going thru ur posts………..its really handy & informative……….language is simple and no beating around the bushes, straight to the point…..useful for alll……..gud wrk boy….god bless you.

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