FastGlacier : Free Windows Client For Amazon Glaicer

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Introducing Amazon Glacier! It is a new cloud storage service which costs just $0.01 per gigabyte on a monthly basis. You can store data of any size at the same pricing instead of opting for another cloud storage services such as Dropbox, which offers 100 GB storage capacity for $9 every month. Also, if you exceed the capacity for storing larger files, you are charged at $49.99 for Up to 500 GB storage space in Dropbox versus just $10 for the same space in Amazon Glacier. This clearly shows that Amazon Glacier is the best solution as it offers the same service with secure cloud storage at 80% less cost as compared to market price.

As Amazon Glacier is a newly launched service, there are no official GUI tools. However, FastGlacier has created a free GUI tool for Windows as of now. You can download it from the official website of FastGlacier which supports multiple Glacier accounts.



FastGlacier Features

  • Drag and Drop Files from the Windows
  • Supports Proxy and Bandwidth
  • This tool can process very large amount of files (Millions) Effectively.
  • Support very large files. Up to the 40 TB in size!
  • Automated Data upload to Amazon Glacier Accounts.
  • Supports Multiple Amazon Glacier (Advantage)
  • Fast Working Multithreading HTTP Engine.
  • The More Amazing features are you can pause and resume Uploads, the features are really important when we are dealing with big data files.

Download Fast Glacier Now 

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The Amazon Glacier just launched recently, so it has very big opportunity for all backup storage service providers as well as web developers. If your a Normal internet user, you can use  the freeware tools like FastGlacier to store and backup important files and for  Dropbox user you should consider looking at this service its very much cost effective and very safe and secure to store huge data files at very low price.

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One thought on “FastGlacier : Free Windows Client For Amazon Glaicer

  1. hey Suresh ,

    Thanks for the information .

    I have a quick question suppose if i upload all the Project backups in the cloud ? what if amazon web services suddenly increase their prices ? Is their any quarantee that they wont increase their pricing in future ?

    Sounds silly right??? what to do brother . I’ve been asked the same question from my head so im sharing it with you .


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