Browse Internet Secure Way In PC and Mac With SpotFlux

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What SpotFlux is?

If you’re looking to maintain your privacy online, then you go up for a VPN service.  There are lot’s of confusion of which one? There are lots of choice’s, and if you’re a networking novice then, you be keen on figuring out which service is right for you and choosing it can be a real challenge. But that’s whereSpotflux comes in.

secure and encrypt internet conneciton

Spotflux is an interesting new VPN service comes packed with useful functionality of – encryption, ad-blocking, antivirus and more – yet really it’s any easier to be configured. Most encryption services are expensive and just too technical for their own good. But every now and then, you come across one likeSpotflux. This new browser encryption plug-in is available both for Windows and for OS X, and it can protect your whole Internet connection in the simplest of ways.


What Spotflux Features:

  • Encrypted and Secure Connection
  • Malware and Virus Protection
  • Open and Unrestricted Access
  • Private, Ad-free Browsing Experience


Spotflux can protect your computer from all kind of dangerous web data, and that includes malware, unwanted tracking services and the kind of scams that could expose your passwords and other sensitive information. A service like Spotflux means your credit card information will always be safe when you’re buying something online, and that the password, you use for Facebook or Twitter, will never fall into the wrong hands. You are always safe and protected.


How Spotflux Protects :

  1. Enable Spotflux and enjoy the internet as you always do.
  2. Your Internet Tariff is encrypted and sent through the Spotflux
  3. Our robots crush Ad’s, tracking cookies & things that are behind you on the web.
  4. Viruses and malwares are packed and destroyed.
  5. The location and identity of your Personal devices are concealed.
  6. Finally, your connection to the internet is safer, Private & unrestricted.


Most Remarkable on Spotflux :

Interface & Settings :

Spotflux was most remarkable in its terms and it was without any lack of interface complexity at all. The main window only allows you to enable or disable Spotflux with a click. And even the settings dialog didn’t contain anything much: you can set the UI language, define how updates are to be installed and configure an optional proxy, but that’s about it.

Conclusion words on Spotflux:

Spotflux is a unique service that provides a more private, more secure, and more open connection to the internet. Just download and install our easy to use client for PC or MAC, and start using Spotflux today. With an easy to use interface Spotflux is definitely worth a try if you are looking for a free solution to bypass censoring technologies and to protect your online privacy. Spotflux is undoubtedly one of the best and easiest to use software which allows secure web browsing. Straight-forward works efficiently, simple to use and does what it says it will do! It installs smoothly and runs without any problems. When tested it gave perfect results without causing any crash or slow browsing speeds?

Download Spotflux

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11 thoughts on “Browse Internet Secure Way In PC and Mac With SpotFlux

  1. so it is better than using proxies right ? going to try it

  2. thank you for sharing this interesting post i really enjoy reading it.

  3. Thanks for the information I’ll use VPN service to have a privacy online.

  4. Hi Suresh!
    Great post. spotflux is sounding very useful for secure internet connection. After knowing about it i am planning to try it.Thanks for sharing.

  5. Search Google to the question you asked. You will be automatically informed your IP address and many other information, as a few of the related sites are listed on the first page!

  6. Can I ask a stupid questions Suresh? You know me, not exactly the most techie person online.

    Why would someone need this service? I guess if you have a lot of sites that need like security access or something? Am I understanding that right? See, I told you it might be a dumb question but I’m asking it anyway. Forgive me okay!

    Hey, have a great week my friend.


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  8. Thanks for sharing. If you need privacy online and to run secure internet then spotflux is very useful.

  9. Internet connection is definitely very important especially to all the bloggers and people who uses internet for their everyday living..

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