Download Google Fonts And Install On your Computer [How To]

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Now you can Download Google Fonts and install on your computer too. Many of the websites which offers the user with free fonts which sometimes bluff the user with the attraction or sometimes the user gets the same standard all the fonts which are already present in the computer. But Google’s is here to offer the user with the Fonts hosts from the web in a wide range which probably the user may not have and the user can even download those fonts for free of cost. Moreover, this web-based service from the Google’s web Fonts hosts with the option that as the user can view the fonts from the page along with that can download the required fonts. The below tutorial will guide you in downloading and installing Google fonts on your computer.


  • Visit the Link to download the font:

Download Google fonts

Download Google fonts

  • Furthermore the user need to adjust the Filters which are made located on the left side of the webpage and the user can even click to like the font along with that if necessary can click on All categories allowing for the drop-down menu.

  • Therefore, the user will able to get the fonts only after the filtrations process is done or any sort of handwriting styles and thus the user can pick the script which can support.
  • Moreover, the user is offered with the option to browse the fonts which are made available on the right-side with the operation to scroll down the page.

  • Probably the user can adjust the Examples sizes which are displayed on the screen in a phrase, or a sentence or the user can even done the entire paragraph with a click on the respective tabs appeared on the top of the web page. The user in additional can able to preview the fonts with different sentences including sizes and the user can search the fonts based on sorted by things like popularity or even based on date as they were added to the site.

  • Though the user able to get through the fancy fonts along with that the user can add the fonts to the collection by just a click on the Blue button which conveys the user to add the Fonts which are made located on the lower right-hand corner of its display area. The user may view the popup a blue bar which happens on a click at the bottom of the page along with the font name that the users have added it to the collection.

download google font collection

  • Perhaps the user can download the collection link which appears on the top-right of the hand corner. The user can even come across the pop-up that follows and moreover the user can even download the font families’ collection in a Zip file.

Video Tutorial


The user can download Google  fonts from the reputed site Google, which offers it an easy way to download and can be download in a Zip file. Moreover, this Zip file is a collection of Fonts which the user has added to the collection and therefore the user can install them easily.

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18 thoughts on “Download Google Fonts And Install On your Computer [How To]

  1. I’m sure a lot of people are going to exploit thise feature to create fake screenshots.

  2. thanks for downloading tips ..

  3. I was using AnyFont Suresh and really loved that one but it quit working for some reason. It still works on my other blog and I have the same theme so I have no idea why it quit working on my main one.

    Now I use the Font plug-in because I looked into Google Fonts but liked this one a little better.

    I do like being able to change them around though so I love these plug-ins. Just adds a little something extra to the post.

  4. interesting fonts must use them for my assignments for getting more marks 🙂

  5. i really like this blog with all the pics in the posts to get a clear idea …good work

  6. This is cool.. now with this i will be able to get all the new fonts on my desktop..

  7. I know that there are google fonts but never tried to open webfonts of google link , with this post i got some time to open.
    Nice post suresh

  8. Hey Suresh… another fine tip you’ve got here. Imagine the possibilities ;-). Mark my words, google will wake up and remove these fonts from the public…

  9. very nice and useful tutorial Suresh Kumar , your video explanation is appreciated

  10. can i download and install them onto my Android mobile?

  11. Thanks for the great tip it would be helped a lot.

  12. Thanks For Idea, I Like To Write Assignments In Good Fonts 🙂

  13. Hi mate. Thanks for this tips. It’s a very nice one! Gonna try it in a bit now.

  14. Jagmohan Kabra says:

    Dear Sir,
    Refer to “Download Google Fonts And Install On your Computer “. Could we use those font in corel draw software?

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