Cooliris – Must Download App For Every iPhone And iPad User

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Cooliris 2.0 For iPhone And iPad Is Released !

A brand new version of Cooliris 2.0 has been released for iOS on the App Store. The first version ofCooliris, which was released in 2006, is best known for its 3D browser add-on which made a greater impact on the modern web.  Cooliris 2.0 is now live on the iOS app store which facilitates you to organize all your pictures around the web in a single place and share them seamlessly. Unlike the other image-viewing apps, it works far better on the iPad by a neat and clean interface.

Cooliris 2.0 App For iPhone And iPad


You can scroll through the pictures in circular 3D fashion that offers slick viewing angles and looks real good on a large screen especially on The New iPad with Retina Display.  You can organize and view all your pictures from Camera Roll, Instagram, Facebook and share them via e-mail to one person or a group of friends. The best part of this App is that it doesn’t have any restrictions like the native iOS camera roll. With Cooliris 2.0, now you can add and share multiple images via e-mail whereas this is not the case when it comes to sharing pictures from the native Camera Roll in iOS. Cooliris just sends the precise image via e-mail instead of fetching links which in turn navigate them to the web service.It supports iCloud Photo Stream and Google Images, but the negative drawback of Cooliris is that it doesn’t support Flickr which is widely used by many people around the globe.

Video Demo

Download Cooliris App For iPhone and iPad Lets Us know your thoughts in the comment Section Below.

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4 thoughts on “Cooliris – Must Download App For Every iPhone And iPad User

  1. Really, Cooliris is one good photo viewer, I used to use it for my blog in wibiya bar.

  2. I have recently started using ‘CoolIris’, an app/plugin that is a really nice way to view photo-sets. I was earlier using an application called HD2 Wobble. It was pretty good but very slow. But really happy with Cooliris!

    • Hye Molly,

      The faster your internet speed the faster pictures loads 🙂 . So do test the app with faster internet. The many awesome features is you can browse all pictures at one place and you can save them to your iphone/ ipad too.


  3. Coolris is Really nice app . i just downloaded it. thanks!

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