Do you watch more Facebook videos? You should check out this Site.

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We come across kind of cool Facebook videos right? Which are, viral and bragging million of views in a couple of weeks or days. This alone creates a habit of watching FB videos, and myself consuming more Facebook videos than the youtube video. Since most of the time, I’m active on Facebook for running my store, campaigns, fan pages.

That created a good habit, finding such excellent videos on Facebook is called Discoverability. The problem of discoverability is there and to solve that couple of friends, and I started a site called Metavideos. Here we have Facebook pages, and it contains all their Facebook videos in it. That’s cool no? Wathcing FB videos at one place and you can discover more videos.


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The site currently in beta and the pre-launch we have seen excellent numbers and good session length. The session length is like, how much time a user is on the site. That alone is a good metric to find the idea is liking by the people.

We are adding more videos to the database and many more features to come.

If you have any suggestions that you wanted to see the site, then do sure leave them in the comment below.

We will be happy to check them and consider it in the development process.

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