Decorate Your Desktop With Animated Christmas Tree For Christmas 2011

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Now you can Decorate Your Desktop With  Animated Christmas Tree For Christmas 2011. Painted Christmas Tree is a free animated which can use to decorate our system in Christmas times. This animated Christmas tree, therefore, gives a Christmas taste to your desktop and adds colors to your special occasion of the festive season. This Christmas season, which welcomes the Santa Clause, would love to give presents and love to a Christmas taste to each and everything required for the season.
You need to enter the Home page to download the Trees by just click the Link:

christmas 2012 desktop Ideas

There you will find many trees with shining with glitz attracting the user to download them free ……And the wallpapers are not just enough to celebrate the auspicious occasion of Christmas but to give a Christmas look to your desktop in an adorable manner. So we here are with an animated Christmas tree with full of stars and garlands on it.Your just a right click away from decorating your desktop for the festive season which is ahead to celebrate. With a right-click on this animated Christmas tree, you can able to adjust its transparency. Moreover, you may also be able to stop the stars or Garland from the options.

christmas tree For desktop

  • First get into the Homepage .then you would come across other animated Christmas trees with colorful with glitz which makes you crazy to download all of them .you can fulfill your wish as all the trees are available at free of cost. You have to click the download button which is below the painted Christmas tree for downloading this tree and the file, you download, will be in ZIP format. The thing, you need to do, is unzip it and start running the application that’s all


This application is absolutely free as it will add stars to your desktop for the Christmas. The best thing in this application is that in a startup option for automatic startup is been built whenever you start Windows it is automatically started on the desktop. Therefore, on the top option there Is an option for making the tree stay on top of every window. You need to drag and place the tree where ever you want to on your desktop and you can adjust the transparency, remove the stars or garland as well in a single click.

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3 thoughts on “Decorate Your Desktop With Animated Christmas Tree For Christmas 2011

  1. This is perfect for the season. I will surely love to try this into my desktop. I’m heading there after I made this comment. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I downloaded this beautiful tree . It was so simple..Just unzip , that is it. A quality tree. The lights blink different colors and there are stars that floating around the tree…Amazing top job! Thank you for this free Christmas tree that brings Christmas cheer to my desktop ..I use Vista 7

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