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There might be several occasions when you have landed up in troubled situation after losing all the data from the device. This may happen to due to multiple reasons such as accidental delete, formatting, hard drive damage, software crash, and due to several other problems. EaseUS data is a one stop solution, free data recovery software. It helps in retrieving all kind of lost data, right from recovery data from hard drive to the external hard drive, USB drive, memory card, digital camera, mobile phone, music player and other devices.

data recovery in windows and mac

What’s good in this software?

  1. Quick scan: this fast scanning process is for the swift search of the deleted files.
  2. Deep scan: the deep scanning process scans the formatted or inaccessible lost folders.
  3. Offers the precise search by feeding the required details and save the time.
  4. Check the files before you actually recover them.
  5. Easy and safe to use: Data recovery wizard 8.8 is absolutely safe and easy to use. The user has to cover the three simple steps, which is almost hassling free. You will have to follow a few instructions on the interface and one does not need any mastery to use this application.
  6. There is a specific recovery in each case, for example, you can access to options such as email recovery, office recovery, hard drive recovery and deleted recovery.
  7. Live chat option: This is interesting as for any doubt, you can ping the product owners and get answers of your queries.
  8. 30 days money back guarantee: in any case, if the customer is dissatisfied then, they can claim their money back, however, the reason has to be genuine.


Other solutions at EaseUs data recovery plan

  • Backup software: This is a crucial online backup solution which optional for both office and home. This unique back plan is for the backup and restoring the speed. It supports the MBR& GPT disk, hardware RAID, UEFI Boot, Win PE bootable disk.  Moreover, the customers can look for disk clone, and transfer the operating system to SSD/HDD. The other feature includes outlook email and the backup recovery facility.
  • Partition manager: it provides you the suitable partition manager to manage the hard drive partition management. The giant hard disk capacity of 16 TB is an ideal solution to any professional need. You can create WinPE bootable disk and shuffle the dynamic disk to the basic and vice-versa.
  • Mobile Tool: for all business professionals who have been handling their all vital communications through WhatsApp and messenger. They application helps you in retrieving the lost messages and WhatsApp chat history. Besides, users can also recover their lost contact after the virus attack or phone crash. The other feature in this category includes, recovery of data from the icloud, recovery of the itunes backup and restoring the lost videos and photos.

Where can we download the software, Suresh?

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