How to change user password in phpmyadmin

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Mysql database is widely used now. So its an open source software and WordPress, Drupal , etc. many open sources cms software are based on MySQL database. So you can create the users, tables, using mysql and the data is stored in the database and the admin of the database is done my simple application tool called phpmyadmin. The phpmyadmin is the famous open source tool.
so we can change the password of the users in the phpmyadmin easily and following the tutorial will show you
Advantage of this tutorial:
  • You can recover the password even when you forget the email address of the user.
  • You can change any password easily.
  • Login to your phpmyadmin account. You can find you phpmyadmin in your web site cpanel
  • Select the Database.
php my admin
  • After selecting the database. You will get the details of tables present in the database.
  • Select the “User ” table, In the user table, the login details are present.
phpmyadmin users
database users
  • Select the user’s table and click on Browse.
  • You can see all the users, Id, email id, password of the database.
  • Click on a particular user to change the password.
change password in phpmyadmin
  • So click on the password and rename the password with a new password in text format.
For Eg: if you need to change the password into “HelloWorld” clear the content over there and type “hello the world”
  • In Next step, click on the function tab beside the varchar(32), you will get a drop down menu. So here you have to choose the encryption algorithm MD5
database encryption md5
  • After selecting the Encryption, then click on “Go” which is present at the bottom.
  • Hence, your password is changed without any email address.
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      • shan says

        hi…i am a php beginner with a very little knowledge…i have made a simple login form with php/mysql….the thing is whenever i test it on my localhost(XAMPP)…it always displays on browser “can not select DB”…plz help me brother i am stuck at this point and really need help


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