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How-to: Backup Word Press automatically

Hello Bloggers, have you ever taught of storing backup your entire WordPress blog ??? Let us suppose that the blog your hosting is crashed and all your data is lost, you will have to start from the beginning of the blog. All your sweat, hard work would go waste 🙁 Need not worry, people! I have a solution for this problem: Simply […] Continue reading →

How-to: Hide a tab from the taskbar in Windows

I DEDICATE THIS POST TO ALL INTERNET LOVERS In this post I have experimented this thing in my college lab, as only our College Admin having all privileges like Installing softwares, Internet Access, Games, etc, I hope all people have the same problem in their schools, colleges, offices, etc. For them, this tutorial is very much useful 🙂 […] Continue reading →

How-to Watch 3d Movies from normal videos

Watch any video or slideshow, play games or use Google Earth in 3D, on any PC or notebook using this small application named TriDef You can select the 3D capability of your hardware and utilize it, or else rely on the standard two-color anaglyphic glasses. We talked about presentations in 3D, but this software doesn’t natively […] Continue reading →

Review: Best Keyword Research Tools

1. Google Adwords Research Tool It is the best keyword research tool, most of the webmasters, SEO experts get the information about the keyword that have a number of hits in the Google Search Engine. With the knowledge of this tool, you can make a good traffic website by using the Google Adwords keyword tool. 2. Google Insights […] Continue reading →

5 Awesome Web Twitter Apps for Business Users

With heavy competition over the Internet, we have among us the top five Twitter client services to leverage your business. Most Twitter applications present today do not add much value than what is already there in the Twitter Interface. Hence, there are very rare clients targeting business users. Below are some of the top tools useful for […] Continue reading →