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Find Youtube Video Stats Using Google Talk

YouTube video statistics using Google talk? Yeah, you heard it correct. Normally we use Google talk for just as a communication medium with friends, business people, etc. With the help of  YouTube API and Google Talk API,  we can accomplish the task of tracking video stats like Number of views, comments, ratings, etc. Let’s unleash […] Continue reading →

Flipboard – you can’t afford to miss it!

There is an app for that… There is an app for this… There is an app for everything! But there is not a single app that will show you everything in one app. Ergo: By the apps combined, this is Flipboard!  When someone gathers all the News you are interested in (updates from your Social-Networking […] Continue reading →

Ecommerce Software And Profitable Web Retailing

Although much government and civic figures claim that the global economy is rapidly recovering, this is a controversial position. Some economists believe that the economy will remain anemic for years to come. In the current economic environment, good jobs are hard to come by. In order to cope with this reality, many people are seeking […] Continue reading →

Swift Theme 35% Discount Coupon Code

Swift Themes 35% Discount coupon code If you want to run a WordPress site for personal use or business purpose then you must need a theme which can be customized for any kind of layout , easy to use and even beginners can use it very well and the theme is “SWIFT Themes.”  It’s the one […] Continue reading →

Free File Upload Space Upto 30GB Lifetime Storage !

Megacloud offers Free File Storage Space Up to 30GB Lifetime, With the free file Upload space, you can backup all your important documents, pictures, videos, games, software and your personal data too.Megacloud is like Dropbox alternative, Here also you can share the files with your friends, store, etc. The main advantage in megacoud is the storage space is more you can get up […] Continue reading →