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How-to: Backup Word Press automatically

Hello Bloggers, have you ever taught of storing backup your entire WordPress blog ??? Let us suppose that the blog your hosting is crashed and all your data is lost, you will have to start from the beginning of the blog. All your sweat, hard work would go waste 🙁 Need not worry, people! I have a solution for this problem: Simply […] Continue reading →

Live score with ESPN Cricinfo plugin for Chrome

DESCRIPTION: Here is the official ESPN Cricinfo extension for the browser Chrome. This extension shows the latest information of Cricket, latest scores, live scores from Cricinfo. Note: By adding this extension you can be updated with the live scores just from your browser and no need to visit another site while you are occupied with other […] Continue reading →

Block Ads in browser – Adblock plugin

DESCRIPTION: New in version 2.0: Advertisements are actually BLOCKED FROM DOWNLOADING now, instead of just being removed from the fact! Note that Chrome doesn’t actually support this all the way, so a few resources might still load before AdBlock can get to them, in which case we’ll remove those as usual. Adblock does block resources flawlessly in Safari — […] Continue reading →