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How To Find A Job In Smart Way [New Techniques]

Softwarebuzzer, we write unique and best articles, Every article over here give a solution to problems. That’s our Aim. If you don’t find any updates, don’t worry we will come up with best articles since Research on new stuff takes time. So don’t mind visitors.   Getting jobs from college On campus will be best. […] Continue reading →

5 FireFox Plugins To Make You A Good Blogger

5 Firefox plugins to make you a good blogger FireFox is the most popular browser used by many of the web developers, marketers, blogger, and even by a simple web addict. Firefox is the only browser which has the capability to add the most flexibility to your browsing experience. So if you are a blogger, here I am listing 5 plug-ins or add-ons that […] Continue reading →

Top 5 Icon Search Engine

iconlet search engine Graphical designers always hunting for the latest vector images, icons, fonts, etc. So using the latest designs at your work can make the work better and stylish , if we search the google the same old results will come up. There is some search engines separate for the icon search engines. You can search and find […] Continue reading →

Google music search engine

Google is going to launch music search engine for all Indian music. Currently, the search engine of the music is in labs, Today I explored this in labs and I found it’s a very good , easily searching and mostly all types of the Indian languages. We can search the particular movie name in the search […] Continue reading →

Generate your Newspaper Clipping

Newspaper clipping generator is fun and free web application to generate the free news clipping. You can add your website in the description box and add to the social networks and all your friends and fellow bloggers will be shocked by seeing this..tats…cool..and I did this within seconds I got comments. It’s a fun tool […] Continue reading →

Youtube channels -Explore it

Youtube is the best video sharing website in the world 🙂 It is owned by Google. Thousands of videos are uploading and downloading from youtube every hour. As the youtube user, we can know that the youtube is used only for entertainment…but there are more hidden treasures hidden inside the youtube channels. Youtube can be […] Continue reading →