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Temple Run 2 Released For iPhone And iPad

Temple Run 2 just released in the Apple store and available for both iPhone and iPad and  it’s a sequel with more enhancements and more action, environment updates. By watching the gameplay, we feel that the Temple Run 2 will be  a mixed of more actions and challenges and it has a sudden turning etc., it will be […] Continue reading →

Flipboard – you can’t afford to miss it!

There is an app for that… There is an app for this… There is an app for everything! But there is not a single app that will show you everything in one app. Ergo: By the apps combined, this is Flipboard!  When someone gathers all the News you are interested in (updates from your Social-Networking […] Continue reading →

Cut the Rope: Will it take down Angry Birds?

Here is a trending cool game, Cut the Rope from Zeptolab with the right amount of Simulated physics gameplay added in a funned way. Trust me, you do not even realize you’re applying a lot of physics mechanisms when you play.  It is really creative, entertaining and free! It is available in Chrome web store, iTunes App Store, and Google Play. Zeptolab established […] Continue reading →