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Onavo Count App For Planned Data Usages

What is a Smart Phone without Data Connectivity … Navigation, Social Media, Browsing, Synch with other apps and Mails, etc. have become primary requisite when you hit the road these days, though we use hours of Wi-Fi it is just not enough. Having said that, there are times where requisite becomes luxury and cripples the […] Continue reading →

Your New Smart Accountant – Toshl Finance Expense Tracker

A Smart app for Personal Finance Management and Expense Tracking. Toshl Finance Expense Tracker isFree, Simple, Neatly designed, Lightweight with Cross-platform Synch. Attractive, right?! Toshl is well known for Finance Management, has designed an app to account all the money that goes into thin air in few weeks. Chill, it doesn’t happen only with you. […] Continue reading →

Karaoke – Go in the Groove

Karaoke is a Free Android App to sing your own song and broadcast it online for free! Unleash your talent and sing along to the Background music. It is for anyone who is more than a bathroom singer. PureSolo is a platform that encourages budding, talented singers and instrumentalists to record their own songs and post it in […] Continue reading →