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Google Play Gift Cards Launched In Canada

Google Play Gift Cards just launched in Canada and buy at local stores nearby. Just give a ring to a local store and visit sine Google play gift card just launched at some places it might not be available for now.. As the android OS booming and demand of paid apps, books, movies, music also […] Continue reading →

5 Best Android Apps for Women security

SOS app for android The most important and best Android apps for women are listed below The recent rape incident shocked the whole nation. It’s obvious that the government will put Forward every possible measure to stop any similar thing from happening again. Anyhow, Girls Should keep themselves prepared for any such situation. Well, the handiest thing, any girl has nowadays, […] Continue reading →

Download Temple Run 2 For Android

Now you can Download Temple Run 2 for Android right away and  It’s a free download. Within a couple of days game launched in iOS the game released for Android versions too and this time, it was very quick. Temple Run 2 downloaded  more than 20 million times with a couple of days launched, hope the same record […] Continue reading →

Flipboard – you can’t afford to miss it!

There is an app for that… There is an app for this… There is an app for everything! But there is not a single app that will show you everything in one app. Ergo: By the apps combined, this is Flipboard!  When someone gathers all the News you are interested in (updates from your Social-Networking […] Continue reading →

Cut the Rope: Will it take down Angry Birds?

Here is a trending cool game, Cut the Rope from Zeptolab with the right amount of Simulated physics gameplay added in a funned way. Trust me, you do not even realize you’re applying a lot of physics mechanisms when you play.  It is really creative, entertaining and free! It is available in Chrome web store, iTunes App Store, and Google Play. Zeptolab established […] Continue reading →