Backup DVD Video Files In Windows 8 Using DVD Copy Software From DVDFab [Review]

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Do you have the footage DVD’s of your family functions like birthday, marriages, etc.? If you have only one copy of it and suppose if it’s lost or misplaced somewhere then you cannot get it back. The memories are so valuable than money and you don’t want to miss those precious things in your life. So now we are going to teach you “ how to backup DVD video files using DVD copy software”.  The final output will be a backup copy of your DVD and you don’t have to worry about losing it.

Let’s get into the tutorial:

windows 8 files backup from dvd

windows 8 files backup from dvd


  • Choose the destination source as your DVD drive.
  • Now you need to choose a place where the file will be saved on your computer.
  • You can save the backup files as ISO Format or normal copy.
  • There are special features in this software, you can copy the main movie alone.
  • So that you can save space on your hard disk.

Not only it back up the data and it can do another creative tasks like below

Do you have any favorite scenes from a selected movies or videos? With this software, you can cut only that scene alone and merge it with a different scene. It will be like a mashup. Isn’t it cool? To make a video of your favorite scene and you can add this clips for your upcoming videos too like intros, etc.

Final Review:

The software is a killer, it will backup your files from the disk to the computer and even copy what content you need. Using the same software, you can merge with other videos too, If you’re looking for more video editing and creating works then I strongly recommend going for this DVD Cloner for your Windows 8

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3 thoughts on “Backup DVD Video Files In Windows 8 Using DVD Copy Software From DVDFab [Review]

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  2. Hope DVD copy software trail version is enough.Thanks for info. Very good Blog.

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