Amazon Cloud Drive Desktop Client For Windows And Mac

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Amazon Cloud Drive, the desktop client for Windows and Mac, is released.We have arrived with a new kind of  Amazon cloud storage which is the latest buzz going on and which seems to claim the hotspot for the cloud storage throne. Therefore, the Amazon, which made up to provide a cloud storage feature and developed application for Windows and Mac as well,. Amazon Cloud Drive, which seems to be the developed application, allows the individuals to get a free space of 5GB and if needed additional paid storage plans is also featured. Moreover, this application which is engineered not only to upload the files but at the same time the user can even shop music from the respective section of Amazon music store with straight manner to the cloud. With this new developed application Amazon Cloud Drive an individual can then reduce the efforts of uploading or storing and can even share with the mates around the globe along with that individual can make the stuff easier avail at the reach and perform the operations.

Amazon cloud Drive desktop client for windows and mac

Visit the site to get the application:

Perhaps when the individual starts the application then user is asked to sign in and if the user had an account already then need to enter a valid email with a password then user enter the application. For certain instance, if the user doesn’t have an Amazon account then no worry just a click away to create an account which then the individual is headed over to the Home website of Amazon.

After the process of registry, if the user needs a guided tour then user can be up to it with all the features and abilities in simple ways.

Subsequently if the user is worried about the app to appear at the system tray then the individual need not to be panic as this application automatically stays on the system tray and user can get the work done from there itself. The best part of this application is that synchronization is no more needed and even with any of the folders that user needed on the system so as to cloud the respective folder instead user can rather drag and drop the required files over icon on the system tray. User can even get the work done with just a right click on the respective folder and the only thing the user need to click on send to option where the rest of the operation is carried by the Amazon Cloud Drive to upload files.

Thereafter individual come across a notification at the system tray and this information keep the individual updated about each and every upload takes place.

Probably when the user need the application can get it from the system tray just a click on the icon then user will be headed to Cloud Drive website and there user can then check the left space after uploading that stuff. If the user needed more space than already provide, then user can even switch on to plan where the user can purchase additional space and many more. Hence, the user can even unwrap the settings for the Start Cloud Drive, which further leads at login and getting started or even modifying any change in the required download folder files.

The uploaded files are then synced with the folders of the system automatically when the uploading task is progressed and the respective uploaded files are listed in following the way.

Hence, this Amazon is developed to support the Windows and Mac OS X along with that OS Windows can even get on the task of operations on Windows, Vista and 7, 8.


Amazon Cloud Drive is a very ease to access the Cloud Drive from system and with this application user can easily upload the stuff which may be image or files or even videos as well all kind stuff can then be uploaded. Moreover user can perform the task of uploading just by dragging or dropping the folders to the application icon which stays on the system tray and with just a right click on any file user can then be able to send the respective file to Amazon Cloud Drive. User can easily upload and download or even resume the process at any instance of time.

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