All In One Customizer For Windows 7

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Ultimate Windows Customizer is an application which is made in such a manner that it performs all in one application operations which suite that combines the functionality of many windows tweaks. This application provides the utility to transform the look of the Windows 7 such as a login screen, start menu orb, windows media player background and taskbar and windows elements.


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windows 7 customizer

  • The main of the application appears like in a similar way as it portrayed in the above picture. Therefore, this application provides a set option, which are with variant operations including with sections, are been portioned. Thus the Explorer section provides many useful options to tweak the Windows Navigation Pane(then you can be able to add additional items like Favorites,Libraries,Homegroup,Computer,Networks,Documents and control panels), you can even add the image thumbnail borders and the command bar. This application is an All IN ONE Windows customization tool and this application is been developed by the Windows Club.

  • The other section, which is below the explorer section, is Context Menu tab which allows customization of the windows by the right-clicked menu by adding and you can even remove items according to the specification required.

  • In the similar way you can then able to change library icons, start Orb, change size of the taskbar items, further you can even enable error message prompts, and change the Windows Media player background image as well from the rest of the sections.

  • Therefore, you can even change options for Logon screen and many options are been Further in the windows there are any options which are easily understood  by the user.This application is easily customized by the user and make his/her computer interesting one.Each section offers several customization tweaks relating to the function. It is really difficult to list the near-endless options being offered.CONCLUSION:These application Ultimate Windows customize which almost  allows you all the aspects of Windows including, Start button, Logon Screen, Windows Explorer Libraries, Context Menu, and More. This is a very simple and easy to use. Thus, no manual hacks and no need to manually edit the Windows Registry and Windows System files.Therefore, this application is been tested over and over for compatibility between various customizations. Moreover this application allows with a many different features and can update easily  along with all the Backs up all System files and registry settings that UWC which thus deals with and does not modify these and even you can view the error log  for the easy display and therefore it creates System Restore Point before any customization is done.

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3 thoughts on “All In One Customizer For Windows 7

  1. Hey Suresh,

    I just got Windows 7 on Sunday, my computer kept logging me off and the guys couldn’t find anything wrong with it. I had to break down and go buy another one so I’m trying to get use to the look of this system. I might consider this so thanks for sharing it. Do you know if this works on Windows Vista too?


    • Hi Adrienne ,

      Normal trouble shooting problem on windows will be deleting cache, temporary files and ll. As a normal internet users, these things are difficult to understand. So i recommend to use a freeware software called “cccleaner”. It will run on any windows machines like xp, vista, windows 7 , its tweaks and optimize the computer .

      Do let me know after using it 🙂


  2. Hey Suresh,

    This is really neat. I didn’t even know such a thing existed. I have been pretty happy with Win7 but am still getting arms around it. It’s similar enough to Vista to get it quickly…very cool to know I can tweak it to specs though.

    Thanks for the great tip, amigo!!

    Cat Alexandra

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