Adsnik Media- CPM Ad Network Worth Giving a Shot

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150Finally, a CPM Network that works!

CPM networks are truly a dime a dozen, and might as well be interchangeable, that’s how useless they are. Except Adsnik, that is.

Let’s face it, as eCommerce and blogging professionals, it’s hard enough to get people to click on ads, even if they’re the best ads in the land, perfectly suited for your intended audience. That difficulty becomes an impossibility when a CPM network just shoots advertisement blindly at your website and hoping someone will bite.

That’s bad enough, at the best of times, but I run a high-end home furnishings and lifestyle blog, with numerous high-end affiliates and a VERY professional clientele. These are people who will be vacationing in Cannes, this winter, and dine on imported caviar. Imagine my burning embarrassment when I opened my website on a friend’s computer one day and found an advertisement for Huggies on my sidebar!


Nowhere is the slightest mention or indication of the toddler, infant, or family related keywords on a single post on my website. You could almost pick a random ad out of a hat, and still end up with a more fitting advertisement. You’d like to think the marketers you’re working with would be employing slightly more sophisticated technology than that.

When you get an inappropriate ad on your site, not only does it cost you money, because no one’s clicking, it can be almost damnably tacky, as in my Huggies incident, doing critical damage to both your reputation, as well as the graphic design and presentation you’ve labored mightily over.

Needless to say, I cancelled that CPM network and began searching for an alternative, which turned out to be almost as disheartening. I auditioned four or five other CPM networks, almost losing hope before I finally found Ansnik.

What a saving grace!

For once, with Adsnik, it seems like they’re a CPM network that:

  • Knows what they’re doing
  • Takes the time to get to know me

Not only does this mean that I stand a greater chance of making a buck with them, but that they’re less likely to tarnish my reputation that I’ve spent years cultivating.

So not only do they take the time to find the best and most suitable ads for your company, they actually pay a higher rate than most CPM networks, and pay quickly, meaning you won’t have to wait 7 months for an 8 dollar payment, which is its own kind of hell.

In the case that the ads they’ve selected for your website or blog aren’t the perfect match – fear not! Adsnik has over 150 ad exchanges to choose from, with something for every niche.
Another thing I like about Adsnik is their services are highly scalable, which is perfect when I want to do a blast, during special promotional times, or seasons when my niche tends to be more operational, like summer, for instance. I can ramp things up, or I can scale things back, depending on what phase of my business cycle I’m in.

So thank you Adsnik, for restoring my faith in CPM networks and online advertising. If you are serious about making your living online, or taking your business to the next level and collecting that valuable passive income, I highly suggest you contact Adsnik today!

Check out this ad network over here

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2 thoughts on “Adsnik Media- CPM Ad Network Worth Giving a Shot

  1. Have you checked its eCPM rate? How’s that?

  2. It’s working again? I used to use it a year back but suddenly it started crashing on a regular basis so I left, Wow thanks for the great info mate.

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