Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 -Best Just Got Better.

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Year by year the people are changing their habits of media usage. For example, people are using a mobile device more than the computer users. Recently I was running some ad campaigns for my clients and found that almost 70% of traffic for it is from mobile users and only just 30% is from the desktop.

Good companies like Adobe listens to the feedback of their customers and with their visions combined. This year Adobe CC 2014 released lot of mobile apps where you can do a lot of things by using a mobile.

Let’s think of an example where you will be walking on street roads, and you saw a graffiti. You will love the art, and you took the photo of it. Now you’re planning to use it on your projects and where to get started? Do you need to create the whole thing in illustrator, right? It takes a ton of time.
What if there is an easy way to do that work in less than 2 minutes?
The answer is Adobe Shapes. Yeah, you can download the adobe shapes app on your iPhone.
Steps to follow to replicate the shapes :
1. Open the Adobe shape App on your iPhone.
2. Choose the camera option to capture the graffiti. The one that you wanted to use on your work.
3. Once it captured you could choose the details and import it.
4. The adobe shapes convert the graffiti images into vector image.
Isn’t it cool? It saves a ton of time and effort.
Still confused? Here is a video of it.

Isn’t that amazing? Instead of the starting from scratch, then you can directly use the adobe mobile apps and get the job done in minutes instead of hours. That’s we call as Awesome technology!

Own an iPhone? Then you can make best use of it.

Unleash your creativity with this epic combo of “Mobile Technology (iPhone) + Cloud technology (Adobe CC) ” . When you start using your smartphone, not just for making phone calls or SMS then people around you take you an inspiration and make a better world!

Now in the Adobe CC 2014 we have a whole lot of mobile apps you have ever imagined. How about shooting a video on your iPhone and editing them seamlessly 240FPS one. And all your data is stored on the Cloud, so you don’t have to worry about it.

I explored the Adobe shapes, Adobe Lightroom mobile only for now. There are a whole lot of adobe mobile apps out there. Here is the link you can explore more and learn more.

 Are you a Photographer?

If you’re a photographer or photography enthusiast then i highly recommend the Adobe creative cloud plan for photographers. It is just $10 per month you will get access to the two software which are Adobe photoshop, Lightroom. By using the software, you can make the photos looks like just amazing.

I am currently in the process of learning photography, the professionals always say this “shoot in raw”. I have no idea about that before but now I have an idea. I would like to share with you, So with the point and shoot camera we shoot photos rights? Which are JPEG format. JPEG images are highly compressed which you cannot edit much.

When you use the DSLR, you have the option of shooting in “RAW” mode. Where, every detail of the photo stored in that format. You know what? Even a photo terribly taken can make the photo looks like wow.

Wanna see the difference between Before & After?

before and after
The left side is taken by DSLR and not processed. And the right  processed with adobe apps.

picture Credit : Mohammed Rafi

So By shooting the photos in Raw and processing the images made the photo looks amazing No?

Worth the money paying for! If you make the best results then, you might have a chance of getting more clients, projects for you.

Hey Hey Hey, You know what? Now with your iPhone app you can edit the “RAW” photo. Yes, you heard it right.It RAW Photo not JEPG 🙂 Sound amazing no? You can save all the works synced up in creative cloud. So you can start where you left on your computer.


External Noise removal  on your videos is so easy!

These days I am learning to make the best videos. So, audio plays an important part in the video right? While shooting a video, you might record the ambient noises which we don’t have any control of it. What if there is a way to remove them instead of shooting again? The answer is “using Adobe Audition”.

The adobe audition is so powerful; you can make audio looks so awesome, echo, enhancement is very easy with it. I will show you a real example of it instead of saying this.


With this creative cloud subscription, you get access to top tools from all fields like Ebook writing & publishing. Printing, Videos, Audio, Photography, and many more.

Excited to try the apps with a FREE Trail?

I am very frank here, and i love the software & services adobe provides. That’s my honest review after using it. So what if it show you there is a way to try all the apps mentioned above for 30 days? No need to submit your credit card.

Are you interested to give a try? Anyone from around the globe can give a try for 30 days with no credit card submission.

Here is the link to signup for it:

If you have no idea on using the software, then here is the Tutorials from adobe

Rule of thumb: In my opinion, there are so many software for different purposes. So I wanted to choose the which one you want to learn and love learning it. Choose it and explore a lot and practice. Trust me, By just practicing daily for 30 minutes you can pickup and become pro.


Make the best use of 30 Days Trail!

If you have questions then feel free to share them in the comments section below or tweet me at @sureshpeterss Happy to help you out!

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