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You don’t find any fluff on software buzzer. All you find here is: down-to-earth advice about technology related stuff that you can right away learn and apply it.

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About me:
My name is Suresh Kumar, founder of Softwarebuzzer.com. I’m very much passionate about gadgets and internet . You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ . Or send an email at sureshkumar@softwarebuzzer.com

I did my B.Tech at Dr.MGR University Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. I stumbled upon the concept  called blogging during my college days since then I am blogging on  this site. Finally Blogging became my full time profession , I am the only one in my college who choose a different career path from my class, I am happy with that , now I don’t need to worry about work pressure, etc. I am working on some awesome projects  as well as you can watch my YouTube Channel  (http://www.youtube.com/user/softwarebuzzertv)  For more awesome videos about Tech , Tutorials and more

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