Adobe Max 2014 Conference – If you’re creative professional then You Shouldn’t Miss it

Adobe Max 2014 Conference is about to happen on next month 4th October 2014 at the Los Angeles Convention Center and Nokia Theatre . It’s a 5 days conference and registration are open right now at . More than 5,000 designers, broadcast/video pros, web and mobile app developers and photographers and more are expected to attend this year’s must-attend conference.  In addition to showcasing the newest Creative Cloud innovation and roadmap, MAX will delve deep into the biggest innovations in the creative world — from the explosion of creativity on mobile devices to the power of creative social communities and marketplaces.  Joining Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen and SVP of Digital Media, David Wadhwani, will be iconic, inspirational,keynote presenters, such as documentary filmmaker Lee Hirsch, digital illustrator Jason Seiler ink-background-8856d9ea43f68bd1d4ffb5351959c32d-1and photographer Ami Vitale.  The popular MAX Bash party will feature the Grammy award-winning band Kings of Leon.

The 4th & 5th october will be Pre-Conference training and from the conference starts on 6th to 8th October, So it’s a 5 day coherence. The conference days are total full day session starts from early morning 7 am.

Sessions & Tracks:

MAX sessions will expose attendees to new ways of thinking about creative projects, hands-on workflow learning programs and inspirational case studies taught by the best of the best. Tracks include Digital Design, Digital Publishing, Graphic Design and Illustration, Photography and Creative Imaging, and Video.  New to MAX this year is a 99U track from the Webby award-winning and think tank focused on empowering creative in their careers. The track will focusing on best practices for bringing ideas to life; ways to manage time and energy to maximize creativity and productivity; and how to continually add new skills that deepen creative mastery with featured speakers such as designer James Victore and creative leadership expert Aaron Dignan. For a full list of hands-on creative workflow learning tracks, labs and featured sessions, see here.

Sessions & Creative labs you should be checking out without fail because you will have Q&A after each session. More than that you will have access to 90 minutes dedicated computer with pre-loaded software to test out the things like latest software, work flows etc. Creative sessions are very useful because they run for 90 minutes to sometimes 3 hours so that you have pretty good time to explore deep in the field you’re in.

Mobile App For Adobe Max 2014 Conference :

Now there is a dedicated mobile app to track the agenda, you can schedule the MAX sessions, Labs and workshops. Apart from that you will get the latest updates about the event and Venue maps, etc..

Download the Mobile App for Adobe Max Here


Adobe MAX: An Immersive Creative Experience

Creativity will permeate all aspects of MAX. The legendary MAX Sneaks presentation will go behind the scenes into the secret creative ideas brewing in Adobe’s labs.  Sneaks this year will be hosted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, acclaimed actor, director, screenwriter and film luminary.  Perennial MAX favorite, Russell Brown will be taking it to a new level with The Kaiju Project. Teaming up with Stan Winston School of Character Arts, Russell will bring amazing, 8-foot Kaiju monsters to life through leading Creative Cloud tools.  Cool new projects from Random Acts of Creativity will be popping in unexpected places with surprise art and design installations from the Behance community around the LACC and Los Angeles to engage MAX attendees and the general public.

You can explore a lot more in this conference and network with creative professional on your field and many more. You can pick up new ideas, skills for your creative professional carrier for sure that will enhance more creativity in your works.

Register Now

Sessions are filling up faster than ever – reserve a spot by visiting the registration, pricing and accommodations page, which also includes information about special discounts and group passes. Full conference passes also include admission to the MAX Sneaks and Bash.

If you cannot able attend the event then you can follow this hashtag on twitter & Instagram ( #AdobeMAX ). You can watch the  keynotes of  Day 1 & Day 2 at Adobe max website but you need to register for it. So register here to watch the keynotes online ==>

Here is the sneak peak of Random act of creativity ;)

Photographers Loving The Latest Creative Cloud 2014 Features. Here is why

Hey Hey! Very recently adobe has released their latest version of creative cloud that is called Creative Cloud 2014. The features are just awesome and really time savers that can actually increase the productivity and saves more time. So that you have plenty of free time to work more on new ideas. Photographers out there you should read this because there are tons of goodies for you here. All these years you need a laptop/PC to edit the photos right?


Right now the creative cloud 2014 changed the game ;) You can edit the photos on your Mobile phones & tablets. Yes, you heard it right!

Now you can import RAW photos directly into the mobiles/Tablets and start editing with the lightroom mobile app. That’s 100% legit and works awesome..Before Creative cloud 2014 there is no way of importing raw photos into mobile phones and only way was just import theJPEG images. The time has changed and so we are with more features.

Photographers can import the raw photos to their phones/Tablets and start their editing process even while travelling. Isn’t that time saving? The best part is that you can give tags to the photos and make it organized. So before you switch on your workstation you have done the half of the work.

Still don’t believe me ? Watch the keynote video of Adobe Lightroom in action. Trust me you will love it.

Click Here to Watch the video

You can sync the process images to the creative cloud and even you can share the final output from your mobiles/tablets.

Photoshop also got lot of new features in creative cloud 2014. 3D printing is booming and right on time we can do 3D printing with just one click.  If you don’t have 3D printer at your home/office then no worries still with the help of photoshop CC you can 3D print.  Excited to know more about this? Watch the video below

The top new features of the Photoshop CC 2014 are the :

1. Perspective wrap.

2.Blur gallery motion effects.

3. Focus mask

4.Enhanced content aware technology.

5. Camera shake reduction.

Want to see this all in action?

Here is the keynote video that explains the top features of  Photoshop Creative cloud 2014

Click Here to learn more about Photoshop CC 2014

These are the just top features when you dive into the creative cloud 2014  you will really enjoy the features and make use of it.

The features present in Creative cloud 2014 are the feedback which are got from the customers and thus making the work flow really simple. Creative cloud is a swiss army knife and make the best use of it to boost the productivity and work flow.

Oops, Forgot to mention that.. there is special creative cloud plan for photographer (specially for photographers) for just $9.99/month. $10 is nothing these days and i am really sure the money you spend on creative cloud will literally saves a lot of time and gets you 1000x more money by using it.

Learn more the creative cloud photograph plan here ==>

So over to you, let me know what do you think of this creative cloud 2014 features? Drop your opinions in the comment section below.

How Social Media & Bloggers Impact Online sales [Real Experiment]

In this blog i generally write about How-to Stuff , Self help kind of articles but today i came across a thing in my facebook news feed and thought to write it. Because it will be kind of self help only and that saves your money on buying things online.

Recently Flipkart had a tie up with motorolla and they sold million smartphones in just 5 months. They hit big because that’s the only site moto g, moto e phones are selling. Phone was great at that price and it’s a super hit too, Even i tried the phone with my friends and i loved it after using.

Again flipkart had a tie up with a chinese company Xiaomi and right now they selling the Xiaomi mi3 phones on flipkart website.

Okay Suresh, What’s the point of Writing this all?

Flipkart started selling Xiaomi mi3 today and within few hours i saw couple of negative reviews there. Below is the proof of it..

real reviews

Here the reviewer Vishal has rated only 1 star because he is so frustrated with it. Observe closely there are two 1 star ratings and one 5 star ratings..

Check the page of Xiaomi mi3 here ==>

The Experiment Thing!

If the flipkart can keep those negative reviews on their site and never delete them means you can “TRUST FLIPKART BLINDLY“. I am from a internet marketing background, blogging so i know that negative reviews really impact the sales & conversion rates. So negative replies are common in sales..But What i am really looking is will flipkart keep the negative reviews and replies to those negative  reviews on the site itself?

If flipkart deletes the negative reviews then we cannot trust the online store at all and they only need is MONEY, SALE NUMBERS and not RELATIONSHIP WITH CUSTOMERS.

There is other possibility like if the flipkart comes and say like “we helped the negative customer reviews” and what is the proof of it? If they reply inside the review section then everyone see the live proof then you can go and purchase it.

Amazon Handles the negative reviews well  and they never delete it at all..Want proof?

Check this link You can see 1 star review on November 2012. The main point we need to look here is “THEY HAVEN”T DELETED IT AT ALL”

What we need to check over here..will  flipkart Really keep the negative reviews or delete them?

How Social Media & Bloggers Help in Online Sales

When you about to spend 20 thousand rupees on a phone and this might be your first phone or gift to parents or anything. 20 thousand rupees is big money for a average indians and they seek help from tech friends or the person who bought the device already. If eCommerce companies starts to delete/alter the negative reviews then it’s kind of risk taking for the people who buy it.

How to solve this risk taking problem?

You need to ask the early adopters (who are bloggers) they get invited to the events and try the phone. Still if you have a good relationship with bloggers then they will say the REAL REVIEWS (I had Personally experience this too) .

Get opinions from bloggers and ask in social media like facebook, twitter before you taking the risk when you buy a newly released gadgets or anything. Trust me, none of the marketing medium beats the personal recommendations..

Even i am a blogger and i bought Canon 70D DSLR online only after asking the “REAL REVIEWS” From the photography friends and then only i bought.  Because i don’t want to undergo several head aches if the product is not utpo the mark and time waste & money.

So Bloggers, Social media play a major role in driving the sales…

I am more like a critic and that’s the key things people are looking for before buying the things.

Let’s see… the game is ON :) Will flipkart keeps the customers trust by not deleting it?

P.S. I am one of the flipkart customer and i buy things online too. I am writing this after watching the incident happened today and i don’t want other people to suffer the same..

Over to you..what is your opinion on this? Drop your opinions in the comment section below.

How Indian Online Shopping Buyers Are Saving Money With this Simple Trick

Hey do you shop online and more Often?

If you say “YES” Then awesome. You will be amazed for sure how you can save money by shopping but a little different approach to save the money. As everyone knew that online shopping sometime gives you best deals than offline and every one loves Deals & discount. So what if i say you “YOU CAN SAVE MONEY BY BUYING THOSE DEALS & at DISCOUNT PRODUCTS” ? Excited right?

3 months back i come across a site called , they act like bridge between the online shopping customers & eCommerce websites. They collect all the deals and update in their site daily.

Hold on Suresh, why are you saying all this? How can this will be helpful to me?

Here is the catch, If you buy anything from CashKaro link you will be redirect to the eCommerce deals page like flipkart, amazon india etc. You buy from online store and best price and “YOU CAN EARN SOME CASH BACK“. Sounds amazing? Yes, It is.

You get Online Discounts + CASHBACK = Epic deal :)

If you still not understand the system, then check the picture below you will get a super clear idea of it.

how to earn cash back

Here is the 3rd trip to save money :

If you observe the online stores they tie up with banks like HDFC, ICICI banks. So there you can get amazing cash backs like Flat 15% or Flat %20.

So with the third tip you save 3 times ;)

Still confused?

1. You get a good discounts already on online stores.

2. Cash back from cashkaro

3. Cash back from Banks

1 shot 3 savings ;)

Here is the screenshot of cash back i got from Cashkaro website.


So why waiting ? Sign up at Today! 

How To Track Your DTDC Shipment Even IF the Courier tracking doesn’t Works.

As the eCommerce booms people started to buy the things from online and it became the habit . You will get your shopping items via Courier companies right? So here i am going to share my real life experience in this post.

dtdc_logo (2)

I bought something on the eCommerce website and they are prompt and they did the shipping the very same day. I got the emails , sms alerts and all. After 3 days i have no clue of my shipment and it is sent via DTDC Courier company. So for the first 2 days the tracking was working great and keep tracking but after the 3rd day the tracking not working and customer care sucks as you know they get hell lot of calls. So they tend to ignore it..

As i am kind of Nerd found a way to track my shipment even when the main DTDC tracking  page not working. So here is the how i did.

When you enter your tracking code in main page then the results are display in results page right? I entered my tracking code in main page and when i click on the track page “NOTHING HAPPENING” . I was freaked out totally as no one picking up the calls too.

So i went back to history in my browser and found the tracking results page and there i have entered the tracking code. HURRAH! The tracking details are displayed.

Main Tracking page

Tracking results page

NOTE: So from now one even if the main tracking page of DTDC not working then you can get into Tracking results page and see your shipment status.

I guess there are so many people out there like me and i feel it’s good to write this little tip that might help everyone.

WHY CDN is must for every website these days? Try MAXCDN with 25% OFF

MaxCDN is a content delivery network and helps to increase the website speed thus loading the web pages at blazing fast. Every day new technology advancement comes. Are we adapting to the new tech or the changes? that’s the big question we need to ask to ourselves . What if i told you the thing i am going to say in this post can increase your online income. Excited? Let’s get started…

You just bought your domain and hosted online. That’s great to hear and congrats. Did you ever check the website loading speed of it?

Don’t know how to check the website speed?

Here is the link to test your website loading speed

What if your sites loads are 20 seconds ? OMG 20 seconds ..Sorry i don’t have patience to wait for 20 seconds to get the webpage load. SO what i do is get back to search results and click on the other link.

What you observing here?

You’re loosing a valuable customer. So every visitor valuable for you right ? Now here you can learn lot about website speed and why it is valuable.

Buying dedicated server can increase the speed of site?

You should be smart works instead of spending lot of money. So How can i increase the website speed with low cost?

The Answer is MAXCDN :D Just 9$ Per month investment you can increase the loading speed of website without upgrading your website hosting plans. So thus you saved $100+ per month  and you will get good ROI .

How MaxCDN Helps my websites?

MAX”CDN” = Content delivery Network.

So content delivery network will have servers all over the world. Those servers stores all your static content like images, CSS, Javscript and other files. If a customer visit from USA then from the nearest MAXCDN server will get your static information + remaining website data. The final loading speed will improved and site loads in less than 5 seconds.


Right now site load improved from 20 seconds to 5 seconds and so every visitor will be happy and don’t have to wait for site loading. Thus leading you to more sales/ leads from your site.

Finally your income from the website Improved ! I practically implemented this CDN technique in my websites, Internet Marketing campaigns and seen a huge bump in the sales/ leads.

EveryOne Happy :)

Which plan is best for me?

If you’re just starting out then every single $ spent will feel burden. Luckily Maxcdn has starter plan for just 9$ per month and you will get 100GB monthly transfer. You can add two websites on this page. Check the plans information below.

maxcdn plans
MaxCDN Plans-MaxCDn is content delivery network

Before MaxCDN plan was like yearly payment and they have changed to monthly plan . Now everyone can afford to test it and if it works you can continue the plan.

Good news for new customers : MaxCDN has 30 days money back guarantee so the 9$ spent is not waste at all. If you’re not happy with the service you can get it back.

Here is the deal for you,  what if i give you 25% OFF discount coupon code will you give a try? If yes then click the link below to get you coupon.

Click Here to Get 25% OFF MaxCDN Discount coupon code